Today, every motorist can buy parts at the salvage yard, but it is often better not to do so. There are stores where they sell brand new parts, but at the salvage yard they sell only used parts. In this article we will try to figure out what parts are better not to buy at a salvage yard. But remember that sometimes it’s better to give up scraps for cash.

Remember that used parts can at any time be damaged and can damage some of the parts of your vehicle. Of course, all of them are subjected to defect inspection, but only honest dismantlers do that. And you can theoretically bump into not so honest ones. And in this case, we have made a detailed answer to the question, what spare parts are better not to buy at an autocarpenter.

First of all, ignore the components of the so-called unrepairable category, or parts that are destined to be short-lived. Let us divide these parts into several categories:

Consumable items – These parts need a certain amount of control, and they should be replaced in a timely manner. These are, for example, brake discs with pads, various gaskets, filters, wiper blades, etc.
Technically complicated units like gearbox, turbine or even power unit. Although, in principle, many motorists praise contract engines from Japan, and transmission units too. But it is important to have warranty – it is given even for used power unit.
Parts of brakes (it’s not just wheels and pads, but also hoses, cylinders and other elements). Still, it is not worth splurging on used parts of steering system, running gear, and even completely it is better not to take with run. Our life too much depends on reliable operation of these systems. So the economy is obviously inappropriate.
Bearings, shock absorbers, belts, supports and so on. Failure of parts of this range can end very badly for you and people around you. Sometimes these elements have belonged to cars with high mileage in the past, but the seller is unlikely to tell you about it.
Remember that buying any part on the aftermarket is a very risky endeavor. Used parts can provoke even worse malfunctions, and as a result you will have to spend money on serious car repairs. But the most important thing is the potential danger that any used part still carries, in spite of defectoscopy and thorough check before work.

Certainly, there are checked car-collecting shops, there are their regular customers, who have been buying there for a long time and are happy. And it is possible to go to disassembly with such person. Firstly, they for certain already remember him as a regular client, and therefore will not sell any nonsense. Secondly, this citizen must know perfectly well about auto parts, and he will become to you something like a consultant.

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