How to choose a car?

The most important question for the motorist is how to choose a car. Some people are guided by the price, others by the engine power. But actually there are much more criteria. No less important question for the motorist – what to do with the car when it can not be repaired. We suggest that you recycle it and get good money for it:

New or used

This is where you should start. Each of these options has its own advantages. The advantages of a new car are that:

it is initially in good condition,
the owner doesn’t have to invest money in fixing a problem,
It has a factory warranty (it can be valid for 3 years or until a certain mileage is reached).

Over time, a new car loses value, and the owner will sell it for much less than he or she bought it, especially if there are minor defects and scratches.

A used car is much cheaper, which is its main advantage. When selling such a car, the price is practically not reduced. But there is always the risk of buying a car with a defect. If possible, it’s better to find a car that is under 2-3 years old – it still has a warranty, and there is less wear and tear.

City or countryside

If a person buys a car for the city, it will be unprofitable to take a model with a powerful engine like an SUV. In urban conditions anyway, such high power is not needed, and the fuel consumption will be high, and the amount of tax, too.

For nature lovers and those who live outside the city, the best choice is a car with a powerful engine, increased ground clearance and all-wheel drive.

Body type

Immediately it is necessary to determine what type of body is more suitable:

The sedan is a comfortable in operation type of car with four doors and a rear trunk. The volume of

the cab

in is small, but the layout provides maximum comfort, and it warms up faster.
The hatchback is a practical five-door model, with the rear door opening a fairly large trunk. T

he advantages are a roomy interior, the ability to fold down the rear seats and further increase the volume of the trunk. Such cars are suitable for

family trips

and trips to the cottage. But hatchbacks have problems with noise insulation, and in winter they take longer to warm up.

Universal. This option has its own advantages. The main ones are good handling and large volume of the trunk, as well as excellent soundproofing characteristics. But there is a drawback – not too spacious interior, in many brands – limited visibility.

Type of drive


On the market, there are cars with different types of drive. Cars with rear-wheel drive have almost no vibration when the engine is running. They are more comfortable to drive, as it is easier to shift gears, and the wheels have a smaller turning radius, and the car behaves more predictably. Telling the truth, the cross-country ability will be lower than in other models.

Cars with front-wheel drive are produced with more spacious interior – its volume is increased due to the absence of the cardan shaft. Such cars have higher drivability, but worse controllability, in addition, the engine vibrations will be felt in the cabin.

Safety issues

It is necessary to choose a safe car. It is necessary to read about the crash test data, which are published by thematic publications. In addition, you should remember that in new cars the body is often stronger than in used cars, because with improper care the metal rusts. Finally, when buying a car, you should check if you have modern safety systems, such as ABS and ESP.

When buying any car, you should check its equipment. However, a first-aid kit, warning triangle and tools often have to be bought separately. You can buy all the necessary parts and car accessories in Surgut at “Automall” – there is the widest selection.

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