How to start the car in freezing weather?

Many motorists have faced a problem that occurs in the cold season. Therefore, they are interested in how to start the car in the cold automatic or what to do if the starter cranks, but the motor does not start. In most cases, the problems are related to the fact that the battery is simply discharged in the cold. And the more often the driver forgets about the lights on, the faster it happens. For preventive purposes, it is recommended to worry about this beforehand, even in autumn, and check the residual capacity of the battery. And if this device has been in use for a long time, it is worth buying a couple of “crocodiles” in addition, which will help to solve the problem in the cold season… But if you are involved in a traffic accident and the car is damaged so badly that you can not drive it neither in warm nor in cold weather, then the best solution is to give the car for scrap. Contact this company:

The easiest way to start the car in the cold

Most drivers know the most common answer to the question of how to start the car in the cold – to “light” from another motorist. But not everyone knows how to do it correctly:

The “donor” car needs to be brought close to the hood of your vehicle,
the engine should be turned off,
then it is necessary to take one “crocodile” and connect one end to the plus terminal of the donor’s battery, and the other end to the minus terminal of your car,
the second “crocodile” is connected with one end to the minus terminal of the donor battery, and the other end is connected to any metal part of the car, if it is not painted.
After that you can start the engine of your car. If the problem is only a dead battery, the car will start. It happens that at the first attempt it does not happen, then after 10-15 minutes you can repeat the described algorithm again. But you need to make sure that both engines are not running at the same time, otherwise it will have a bad effect on the donor battery.

Starting device and other measures

If you do not have neighbors with cars, you need to reduce the risk – bring the battery home overnight, so that it does not stay in the cold. Only you can not keep it in rooms where people are constantly present, because the evaporation of small amounts of toxic substances is just inevitable. There is a lot of trouble with this method, but it will prolong the life of the battery.

You can also buy a special starting device called a booster or jump starter. This is a kind of power bank, only for the car battery, and it can give the necessary starting current, so it becomes the answer to the question of how to start the car after a frost.

Starting device, of course, can not be compared with a full-fledged “donor”. But usually its power is enough for several charges. Booster is equipped with “crocodiles”, which are connected to the terminals. It is interesting that many modern devices also have ports for charging such devices. Do not save on buying a booster, because high-quality expensive models retain capacity for a long time, even if the car is in the frost.

Aerosols for a quick start

It often happens in frosty weather that the starter cranks, but the engine cannot be started. This may be due to poor quality or simply unsuitable fuel or engine oil. In this case, quick-start aerosols are used, which are a mixture of highly volatile esters and lubricants. You can also buy them in specialty stores in shopping malls. The aerosol is sprayed either into the throttle or into the air filter nozzle. After the first spraying, you can try to start the car. If it does not work, you can add a little more, but all within the manufacturer’s instructions.


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