How do I remove the fuel pump?

In order to ensure a continuous supply of gasoline when the engine is running, a fuel pump is used. Its condition should be constantly monitored, checked and repaired if there are even small problems. It remains to figure out how to remove the fuel pump and replace it with a new one. Most often, the […]

How to choose a car battery?

The car battery is a fairly expensive unit, and its importance to the car cannot be overestimated. For example, in severe frost, without a reliable battery the car may not even start. Therefore, the purchase of the battery is a responsible matter. And the motorist should know how to choose the battery correctly, so it […]

How to choose a car?

The most important question for the motorist is how to choose a car. Some people are guided by the price, others by the engine power. But actually there are much more criteria. No less important question for the motorist – what to do with the car when it can not be repaired. We suggest that […]

How to start the car in freezing weather?

Many motorists have faced a problem that occurs in the cold season. Therefore, they are interested in how to start the car in the cold automatic or what to do if the starter cranks, but the motor does not start. In most cases, the problems are related to the fact that the battery is simply […]

How to check the sensors of the car?

The modern car is equipped with a large number of sensors. However, over time, they can fail. The motorist should know how to check them at home and when they need to be replaced. But if you have had an accident and your car is damaged so badly that it has no gauges left, the […]

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