Scrap metal storage conditions

Waste metal that result from scrap cars removal mississauga requires careful attention. The quality of finished products made of scrap metal will depend on the conditions of storage in the future. In the process of storage, metal scrap is subject to changes: corrosion, the spread of rust. To avoid this, it is necessary to organize its storage properly. Simply following the following points will keep the scrap metal in an unchanged condition.

The optimum conditions for storage of scrap metal are temperature without sharp fluctuations in the range 12-16 degrees Celsius and relative humidity of about 40-60%. It is also necessary to ensure uniform ventilation of the room.

2. Scrap metal must be stored in specially equipped places (warehouses) with convenient access roads for loading and unloading work. Warehouses are the most important component of the logistics system. There may be different types of storage facilities:

open areas;
semi-enclosed warehouses (with one roof or a roof and one or two walls);
enclosed unheated warehouses;
Enclosed heated areas.

Sites for open storage of scrap metal should have an area of at least 1000 square meters, have a solid, reliable coating in the form of rammed earth or crushed stone, and have drains for atmospheric water drainage. Enclosed warehouses can have a size of 400 square meters and are equipped with special racks.

3. To improve storage, compulsory sorting of scrap metals is necessary. For example, sheets of iron should be stacked with gaps to reduce corrosion and improve loading and unloading. And scrap batteries, because of the hazardous element lead, should be stored in separate areas.

4. All metal scrap storage sites must be equipped with alarms and fire extinguishers.

5. It is necessary to keep strict records of all types of metals. This will help to avoid corrosion and rusting of scrap, and to observe the sequence of shipments according to the terms of receipt at the warehouses. Systematic renewal of metal products is necessary.


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