The world’s 5 most famous car junkyards

Scrap metal removal in newmarket has been around for more than a year, and it proves that it’s better to take your car to recycling than to the landfill.Car junkyards look creepy. However, there are car junkyards that boast an interesting history, and some have even turned into museums.

Old Car City, USA

The largest car cemetery in the world is located in the USA. Fifty miles from Atlanta, Georgia, a former businessman has set up a dumping ground for American cars. In the mid-twentieth century, he bought up rare cars and drove them to his lot. For many years the cars rusted, and the collection turned into a real cemetery of retro cars. Thus, the famous Old Car City appeared. 4.5 thousand cars were collected on a 14-hectare lot. After the businessman died, his son inherited the dump. The descendant decided to sell admission tickets, and now visitors can admire rare cars for $25.

Châtillon Châtillon, Belgium

Recognized as one of the world’s most beautiful spontaneous junkyard of old cars is located in the woods near Châtillon, a small village in the south of Belgium. 

The cars once belonged to American soldiers who were stationed in the area during World War II. When the war ended, the officers returned to the United States and the cars were left behind in Belgium. Now, of the four cemeteries of 500 vehicles in Chatillon, one remains. Over the years, most of the cars have fallen apart from corrosion, and the rest have been dismantled by locals and collectors.

M&M auto salvage, USA

The M&M auto salvage yard looks more like a warehouse than a cemetery. Seekers of good parts often come here. The fact is that this is the Institute of Insurance Highway Safety (IIHS) repository for damaged cars – this is where they store discarded cars after crash tests. Many of the cars look like a pile of metal, but there are also quite intact specimens. This is the best junkyard in the world, where you can find great used or brand new parts.

R31 House, Japan

There is a single brand of car junkyard in the Land of the Rising Sun. The R31 House graveyard is home exclusively to the Nissan Skyline R31, several R32, RE33 models, and the rarest Skyline R34 Tommy Kaira. A total of 400 pieces of the iconic Skyline are collected here.

Oranjemund, Namibia

Car dump at the diamond mines. The small town of Oranjemund in Namibia is owned by Namdeb, a state-owned enterprise and the De Beers Diamond Corporation. It was built for the miners mining the diamonds. The town was patrolled by armed guards and it was impossible to get in. The dump was formed because people coming into the town had to leave their cars at the entrance. This is how the authorities tried to prevent the illegal export of diamonds.


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