When is it necessary to change the particulate filter and how to do it

The particulate filter, structurally provided in modern cars, is undoubtedly a useful thing for the environment, as it provides cleaning of the exhaust gases from fuel par

ticles which have not been burnt completely. Naturally, it is the car owner who has to pay for such care, and sometimes it costs a good sum of money. In particular, the particulate filter will have to be periodically serviced or simply replaced. Since all of this is an expensive procedure, many service centers now offer qualitative particulate filter removal, which is performed both physically (the unit is simply cut out) and programmatically. Find the money for a new particulate filter by taking advantage of cash for scrap cars near me.

Manifestation of the problem

The first thing that can inform about the beginning of the problem with the particulate filter is the indicator of clogging of this filter, located on the panel. In some models, the glow plugs indicator will tell about this, in others – a special indicator of cleaning/clogging of the filter.

There are also a number of other indications by which you can tell that the particulate filter is already clogged:
– the vehicle loses its usual traction;

– A significant increase in fuel consumption;

– The cooling fan on the radiator turns on more frequently;

– there is white smoke in the exhaust;

– the engine starts and then immediately shuts down or does not start at all;

– The oil level in the power unit increases.

The process of removing

As a rule, removal of the particulate filter is carried out in two stages.

1. First, the unit is physically removed. Often the filter housing is cut open, after which all of its contents are removed. The remaining empty can is welded back into the tube. In some cases, a piece of pipe is welded in place of the completely cut out particulate filter and sized to fit. The first option is much faster, but the result can be the appearance of unnecessary noise, with outward inspection giving the impression of a filter. The second requires more time, because you have to remove the muffler, and it will be immediately noticeable that the filter is cut out.
2. After completing the physical removal it is important to reprogram the ECU. The most difficult stage, since this procedure must be performed quite correctly, and not everyone can do it. So, choose carefully the service that will remove the particulate filter in your car.

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